25th January 2024

My Three Top Tips To Help You Pick Your Dream Wedding Photographer💍

Saint Luke's, Barrowlands, Glasgow

Buckle up babes are you ready to get some help with picking your perfect photographer? **cough cough** ME🤩

Alright, lovebirds, let’s talk wedding photography. It’s the only thing that’ll last longer than your aunt’s tipsy Macarena moves on the dance floor. Choosing the right photographer is like choosing the right partner: you want someone who sees your best angles and still loves you when they catch your double chin. My name is Ruth, I’m a Wedding Photographer based in Ayrshire and covering the whole of Scotland & beyond.

Whether You’re Counting Pennies or looking to splash the cash for your photographer then here is my advice for you…⚡️

First off, let’s remember the golden rule: you get what you pay for. But, if your piggy bank is still squealing from buying that bling or you don’t care because you won the lotto then good news, there is a photographer out there for everyone.

  • Stalk Them Online (in a legal non creepy way of course😂):
    Look for photographers that sing to you through their beautiful images and someone that offers a style that you adore. There are many style out there including moody and dark, bright and airy or maybe you want magazine editorial style. My style is more bright, colourful, vibrant and fun so if that ticks your box then look no further. I may be the gal for you ✌🏼
  • Set your budget:
    Have a chat with your partner and think long and hard about your budget for your photographer. Remember this is an investment in your day but it’s also important to remember that no matter your budget there is a photographer out there for you. I would say I’m personally a mid-range photographer. So you won’t need to sell an organ to hire me but you can be sure I am priced based on my professionalism, high quality kit, experience and amazing banter… 🤪
  • Book the a virtual date:
    This is KEY! It’s so important to make sure you book in a virtual date with your photographer to make sure you both a) like each other and b) have a good laugh and fun together. Your photographer will spend all day with you so it’s really important that you get on and feel relaxed around each other. I get it not everyone wants to have a laugh but for me and if you are booking me I am all about having a good time. If you don’t take yourself to seriously then I’m the one for you. If your a wee serious Sally (sorry if your name is Sally just a little joke) then I may not be the best fit for your day and that is absolutely ok because there is another perfect photographer out there for you.🌼

Are you ready to invest? You can find out more about me and get a copy of my brochure here

So you have ticked all the boxes and it’s soon time to make that choice… Are you saying ‘AYR DO’ or ‘JOG ON’ 😂

  • Experience Is the Best Filter:
    Seasoned pros come with a sixth sense for capturing ‘the’ moment. They’ve seen it all: from bridezillas to weeping groomsmen. They’re unflappable narrators of your love story, with portfolios that scream “I’ve been at this longer than the buffet line!”
  • Reviews Are Your New Best Friend:
    A good photographer will have testimonials that read like love letters. Look for reviews that don’t just praise their shots but also their ability to blend into the background like a photographic ninja.
  • Meet and Greet:
    You wouldn’t marry someone without dating them first, right? Same goes for your photographer. Meet up, chat, and see if they laugh at your jokes. Chemistry is key.

So, whether you’re pinching pennies or ready to pour them out, picking the right photographer is about finding the balance between cost, chemistry, and charisma. After all, when the confetti settles, and the last slice of cake is eaten by your new spouse at 2 AM, your photos are the timeless souvenirs of your ‘I do’ debut. Choose wisely, and may your wedding album be as filled with joy as your in-law’s unsolicited wedding advice. 🌈

Happy Wedding Planning 💘

Featuring a happy couple that loved daft faces and having fun at Saint Lukes at the Barrowlands, Glasgow 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Get in touch with me here….

Love Ruth ⚡️✌🏼🪩

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